An Ultimate Guide to Understand the Different Types of F1 Race Bets

F1 is undoubtedly the most popular and oldest racing game in the world. The luxurious cars, thrilling high speed, exotic locations and expensive engines with vibrant sound are some of the attractive features of F1 racing. There are numerous fans and bettors for this racing. You can choose a suitable F1 bet type to win profits while enjoying the race.

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Let us understand different types of F1 race bets and choose a suitable one for your profits –

Long-Term or Future Bets

As the term implies, you can place a bet for the overall performance of the team which will win the championship in the season. You place the money in the beginning of the season and gets the result at the end of the season. The betting odds keep on fluctuating throughout the season due to change in number of wins and losses of your racer. Here, you have to successfully predict the correct champion of the season.

Outright or Race Bets

The bookmaker provides the betting odds for each participant (racer) in the race. You can choose one of the best racers with high odds of win. If the racer wins the match, you also win your bet amount plus profit. These are the simplest and easiest way to bet for the newcomers in F1 race betting. You will get less pay-out for choosing a popular and all-time winner whereas a less popular racer will bring high pay-outs.

Driver Matchup

In this bet type, you have to choose the best race among the two racers (drivers). If the chosen driver finishes the race faster than the other racer, you win your pay-outs or else you lose. The chosen driver must complete the circuit before the other driver to make you win.

Podium Bets

You can select a racer whom you think can qualify the race to attain a position among the top three ranks. If your racer finishes in any of the three positions – first, second or third rank, you win the bet and get your pay-outs. The pay-outs are lower than the outright bets.

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