Video Game Currencies

The thrill of having a job is the fact that you get paid at the end of each month. And when playing video games, the hobby becomes more exhilarating when you are rewarded. And what better way to get paid your dues as you advance to a level higher. In the gaming world, however, the currencies used are unusual, and most times, not monetary. Unlike online casinos like, where payments can be made with real cash, video games take another route. And the currencies named below are some of the most common.

  1. Pesetas

This currency is famous because it is closest to real cash, as any video game currency will ever get. Used in Resident evil four games, the pesetas used to be an actual currency in Spain for more than a century. This was the money used before the Euro came into play at the beginning of the 21st century.

  1. Golden coins

Golden coins were and still are the official currency used in the Super Mario series. The king of mushrooms, gathered these coins as he went through the obstacle of jumping up and down chimneys and stepping on tortoises. These coins, in actuality, cannot buy anything, but the thrill of having them in millions sounds better than having one or two.

  1. Zenny

This is one of the oldest video game currencies and was used in Capcom video games. Games that had this form of money include Final fight, Megaman series, Strider Hiryuu, and Breath of Fire series. You would earn more when you beat thugs, killed giant robot masters, or if you traveled alongside giant lizard summoners.

  1. Credits

This is by far the most used form of currency used in video games around the world. The source is untraced, but they occur notably in games set in the future. No said company owns this form of currency, and so you will find a multitude of games using credits as their reward system.

  1. Gil

This is the official Final Fantasy currency, and it is only used in their games. This currency has been there since the first edition of the game, and you cannot count the amount available all through the series. You might have played the games a million times, but you might never know how a Gil looks like or even distinguish their quantity for a task.

  1. Rupees

This form of currency is based on the money used in India and was first seen in the video game The Legend of Zelda. This game was the very first videogame series to utilize money as a basis in almost all RPG’s including adventure games. Rupees are used to buy bombs, arrows, and new armor on top of the treasures and objects you find. For each object you purchase, there is an equivalent quantity to buy it with.

  1. Gold

Being the most valuable metal in the real world, in the virtual world, it serves as the default currency in both adventure games and RPG’s. Gold currency made its first appearances in the Age of Empire series as well as in the Warcraft franchise. It is by far the easiest currency you will ever find in a videogame.

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